Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Chicken filled day with alot of twists and turns!

March12, 2007

Lazy day. Spent most of my time in my boxers. Woke up a little too late for breakfast. I wasn't too hungry either. Waited until like 3 o' clock to eat some chicken pot pie.

Lunch: Marie's Calendar Chicken Pot Pie.

I did the daily usual. It was kind of a slow day. I felt happy though. I helped my "long lost friend" get some food. That anti-social mofo hahahahaha.

For the rest of the day, I studied, or tried studying for my Music App. midterms.
Dinner: 1x Chicken Pot Pie 2x Piece of Chicken

Today i was all up on the fried chicken and southern food. Don't worry, i'm just getting back to my roots ;D

Later that night, Cisco and Erwin (my chinatown accomplices) came over and we had a good clean talk on the roof. We talked from politics, to abstract movies (Jacob's Ladder, Eraserhead), and we also talked about how excited we are to graduate soon.

The after graduation plans have changed. Instead of going to hawaii, we're going to go camping. Just the guys and nature. I'm planning to go all hardcore like my hero Bear Grylls, but not too hardcore (like the extent where i have to drink water from poo =X)

Bryan also messaged me with some wonderful news =]

The Taking Back Sunday/Underoath/Armor for Sleep tickets came in. TIME TO MOSH BABY!!! WOOOO.

Without a doubt, my senior year is the best year of my life. Hands Down.

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